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Check back for schedule information as it becomes available.

Workshops Schedule

Check back for workshop information as it becomes available.

*Exact presentation times will be distributed at On-Site Check-In on Monday, August 7. 

Important NFAF Highlights

  • On-Site Check-In starts on Monday, August 7 at 9 am and ends at 6 pm. All Fine Arts and Kappa Tau participants and any participant artwork MUST be checked into the Art Gallery during this time. OSCI does not re-open after 6 pm on Monday, August 7. 
  • NFAF Student presentations are held daily from 9 am to 6 pm beginning Tuesday, August 8.
  • Per the 2017 NFAF Rulebook: "At the NFAF, callbacks may be conducted in categories with a large number of entries. Callbacks are issued to a top percentage or number of the entries receiving a "Superior" rating." 
  • Students are required to collect their evaluation sheets and certificates at the Certificate Booth (former On-Site Check-In location),open daily Tuesday, August 8 through 3 pm on Friday, August 11. Uncollected materials are not mailed post-Festival. 
  • The Celebration Service is held on Friday, August 11 at 7 pm. Select National Award of Merit Recipients will present. 
  • Students are not required by the NFAF to be at the convention center all day every day, nor at all of the evening services. It is recommended, however, that students view as many presentations as possible, and attend as many services as possible. *Parents and/or On-Site Leaders are held responsible for their minor students' whereabouts at all times. Students missing their own presentation time due to any reason other than another personal category conflict are not rescheduled. 

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