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2017 Resources

To Help With Group Registration:

Comprehensive Group List - If you are submitting all of your church's registration forms together, you may submit one comprehensive group list. Each student must still check all appropriate categories on p. 2 of their registration forms, but will not be required to list all of their group members.

Fee Calculation Guide - Enter all of your Participants with all applicable categories and Add-on's to determine your payment total.


Other Aides:

Tentative Category Schedule - Coming Spring 2016

School Absence Letter - Enter information and print if you have students that will be missing school and need an excuse letter.

Art Check-In Release Form - Enter information and print if a student entering an art piece will not be attending but will send it with a responsible adult representative, have them fill this out to be submitted with their artwork.

Art Information Page, Rap/Songwriting Lyric Sheet, and Writing Entry Cheat Sheet - Click here for sample fillable PDFs for credit line for art entries, lyric sheets for rap and songwriting entries, and cheat sheet for writing entries.

Submit Writing Entries - Click here to submit your writing entry for the National Fine Arts Festival. Your entry must be submitted as a .doc, .docx or .rtf file attachment. You will recieve an automatic response from faf@ag.org to let you know that the entry was recieved. If you do not recieve the e-mail, check your SPAM folder. If there is no reponse there, please resubmit the entry.


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