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What is Your Vision?

Mon, 23 Feb 2009 - 9:50 AM CST

Worship: What Are We Doing?                                                                            February 09


What is a worship team?


A worship team exists to lead others in worship both on and off the stage. It’s easier to just lead from the stage, but it is important to remember that what people see off the stage is just as important as what they see on it. When people see you worshipping God off-stage by how you act, what you say, and even how you treat the other people in the worship team, they will be more inclined to follow. If they see hypocrisy, then chances are they will not buy into the worship thing, at least not with you. You will never be perfect, but never allow that to be the excuse for not worshipping God with your whole life.


A worship team is a family, a team, and an army.

a.    Family – Hang out, have fun, watch a movie or go out for half-off appetizers at Applebee’s. Be a family. You may not gel perfectly with everyone else on the team but do all you can to work together. There may be a time the electric guitarist and the background singer will have conflict, but work it out. If you stick together, God can do great things through you.

b.    Team – Spur one another on. Musicians tend to be the most temperamental people. You may be offended easily and suffer from jealousy, envy, pride, fear of failure, competitiveness and the like. Musical people often find their identity in their music, but your identity must first be found in God. Aim to please God first and then move on – leading others in worship as one team. Encourage and uplift each other along the way.

c.    Army – My pastor, Gary Zarlengo, once said, “Ministry is not a cruise ship; it is a battleship.” Worship is ministry.  When we worship and lead worship, things begin to happen. Understand that through worship, people connect with God. The enemy doesn’t like that he will do everything he can to distract. Be prayed up both individually and corporately. Come spiritually ready to worship, knowing God will do something amazing.


A worship team worships God. No matter who is or who isn’t worshipping, you have come to worship God. Give your all – heart, mind, body and soul. Let God know and others see that you have come to worship God, not man. In spite of distractions, try picturing God receiving the praise as He stands between the band and the crowd.


What is your worship team’s vision?


When my wife and I started “Rock Hard Worship Harder” we created a mission statement: “To equip the youth of this generation to experience and effectively lead true worship, first lived out in life and then through their music.


What is your team’s vision? What do you want to see God do? Take some time with your team and youth pastor/leader to develop a mission statement. Pray and talk to one another to get a sense of God’s plan and your mission.



Here are some examples of worship team mission’s statements:



  • Flood/H20 Worship Team exists to encourage others to engage with God through worship and everyday life. We strive to exemplify a passionate walk with God as we encounter Him through life-changing experiences.



  • Our vision as a worship team is to worship God with our whole hearts and usher in the Holy Spirit. To be examples of the true worshippers and daily grow in our gifts and influence students’ lives through the power of worship.



  • We exist to serve God upwardly, to serve each other inwardly, and to serve Mosaic outwardly. To reveal God’s glory, and rebuild God’s power in other generations.


Ask yourselves, “What is our purpose?” Come together and let your ideas shape the vision. Cast a vision that far exceeds your skill and expectations. You will see God do amazing things as you lead others in worship.


rock hard, worship harder

~brad bichsel~



Please feel free to contact me to talk more about worship and leading worship.

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