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Fine Arts Prep 09

Mon, 20 Jul 2009 - 1:54 PM CST

Here we go again. Its time to pack up and head to Orlando where the temperature is a hot 92 degrees plus 70% humidity with a good chance of thunder storms everyday. It's the perfect place to be inside to worship God with all we have.


Here are two quotes to help you come prepared:


  • 1. "You can do more than pray after you have prayed, but you cannot do more than pray until after you have prayed." - S. D. Gordon


Simply put, don't forget to pray. God is our strength. You can practice all you want, but unless you invite God into the mix you will be ministering on your own. Take time to pray and talk to God. Ask Him to move and work through you and your team - you are His vessel(s). Ask that He would pour Himself into you and that He would overflow out of you to all who watch, listen and hear your ministry at Fine Arts Festival and beyond. You can practice your facial expressions to convey a message, but how much better to ask God to shine that message through you. Lastly, don't wait to pray till the last minute, start now.


  • 2. "Tune your guitar. Take care of the things you can, trust God for the rest." - David Crowder


Practice, make the duplicate CD of your accompaniment track, warm up, get plenty of rest, pack extra strings, memorize all the words, motions and signs, oh and don't forget to tune your guitar. God has given each of you a gift. Take care of your gift to the best of your ability. Work hard on perfecting it, not for your own glory, but that God may be glorified through you, and then trust God for the rest. Trust that He will use what you bring and do things you can only imagine.


Fine Arts Festival 09 will be a great week. I look forward to seeing the amazing gifts God has given you. See you in Orlando.


rock hard, worship harder

~brad bichsel~



Please feel free to contact me to talk more about worship and worship leading.

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Some Assemblies of God Universities, Colleges, and Master’s Commissions offer scholarships to Fine Arts participants. Each institution determines its own application procedures, criteria, and award amounts. Contact the organization of your choice for details.

Contact the organization of your choice for details about scholarships at colleges.ag.org

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