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Tips For A Better Presentation

Sat, 22 Feb 2014 - 3:26 PM CST

Tips for Content Selection (for ALL categories)


Top 10 tips by category:

Art Division

*Graphic Design

*Photography, Digital

*Photography, Film

*T-shirt Design

*Visual Art, Three-Dimensional

*Visual Art, Two-Dimensional, Alternative Media

*Visual Art, Two-Dimensional, Painting and Drawing


Communication Division

*American Sign Language Group

*American Sign Language Solo

Children’s Lesson Group

Children’s Lesson Solo

Puppetry Group

Puppetry Solo

Short Film

Short Sermon, Jr.

*Short Sermon, Sr.

Short Sermon, Spanish

*Spoken Word


Dance Division

Step Troupe

*Urban Solo

*Urban Troupe

*Worship Dance Solo

*Worship Dance Troupe


Drama Division

*Drama Ensemble, Large

*Drama Ensemble, Small

*Drama Solo

*Dramatized Quoting

*Human Video Ensemble, Large

*Human Video Ensemble, Small

Human Video Ensemble, Spanish

*Human Video Solo

Musical Theater, Ensemble

Musical Theater, Solo

Readers Theater


Exhibition Division

Mini Saga 

Promo Video - (Coming Soon)

Stand-Up Comedy - (Coming Soon)

Instrumental Division

Bass Solo 

Brass Solo

*Guitar Solo

Instrumental Ensemble, Contemporary

Instrumental Ensemble, Traditional

Instrumental Solo, Folk

Percussion Ensemble, Traditional

Percussion Solo, Traditional

Percussion, Unconventional

*Piano Solo

Piano Solo, Classical

String Solo

Woodwind Solo


Vocal Division


*Christian Band

*Rap Group

*Rap Solo


*Songwriting, Modern Hymn

Vocal Ensemble, Large

Vocal Ensemble, Small

Vocal Ensemble, Spanish

Vocal Solo, Female, Jr.

*Vocal Solo, Female, Sr.

Vocal Solo, Male, Jr.

*Vocal Solo, Male, Sr.

Vocal Solo, Spanish Female

Vocal Solo, Spanish Male

Worship Leading, Solo

*Worship Team, Large

Worship Team, Small


Writing Division

*Book Chapter

Children’s Literature

*First Person Essay

*Flash Fiction



*Applies to related Kappa Tau category


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Some Assemblies of God Universities, Colleges, and Master’s Commissions offer scholarships to Fine Arts participants. Each institution determines its own application procedures, criteria, and award amounts. Contact the organization of your choice for details.

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