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Thu, 31 Jul 2008 - 8:27 AM CST

Fine Arts Festival 08 is less than a week away. It is time for those last minute practices and long road trips to Charlotte.
To help prepare for Fine Arts Festival 08, here are some helpful tips:

Rest - Over the past year many of you have worked very hard to get to National Fine Arts Festival. It is very easy to get caught up in the hype of the week and all of the fun you will have (which always seems better the later you stay up). But be sure to get enough rest. You've worked hard to get here, take the time to honor God with your gift by being rested enough to perform your best.

Smile - Technically, I don't think you get extra points for smiling, but remember to allow the message of your performance to come through. Technique is very important, but conveying the message is equally important. Work hard and then allow God to shine through. Prepare your heart to minister. Take time to let the message of a drama or words/idea of a song saturate your heart and let it flow out from there. Understand the meaning first and it will be evident your performance.

Enjoy the Gifts of Others - God has given different gifts to different people. He will never say, "She's my favorite" or "He plays the best". God loves us all the same. Remember to enjoy the gifts He has given all of His children. Come ready to bless others with the specific gifts God has given you and be blessed by those gifts He has given others.

Come Ready to Learn
- Over the next week some of you will perform once and others many times in a number of categories. You will receive accolades from friends and parents and then...you will receive the "score sheet". For some the score sheet will be a great encouragement and for others it may come with mixed reviews. At this point you have a choice to get defensive or receive "good direction" and continue to grow in the gifts God has given you. Proverbs 11:14 says, "Without good direction, people loose their way; the more wise counsel you follow, the better your chances". Let these score sheets be a way of growth for you. Take the good and rejoice. Take the bad and chew through it. Always assume the best, and allow these times to bring the best out in you to further your gifts into future ministry.

Fine Arts Festival 08 will be a great week. I look forward to seeing the amazing gifts God has given you. See you in Charlotte.

rock hard, worship harder
~brad bichsel~

(Please feel free to contact me to talk more about worship and worship leading.)



Authors: brad bichsel

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Some Assemblies of God Universities, Colleges, and Master’s Commissions offer scholarships to Fine Arts participants. Each institution determines its own application procedures, criteria, and award amounts. Contact the organization of your choice for details.

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