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Let the Ministry Continue

Tue, 23 Sep 2008 - 10:53 AM CST

Fine Arts Festival 08 is over.  Now let the ministry continue! After a long year of hard work, Charlotte 08 has come and gone by faster then we could have imagined... and just in time to start all over again. I hope you all had a great time at Charlotte sharing your gifts, learning and growing, both with God and in your ministry.

Some of you are part of a worship team that has the great privilege to minister each and every week at your youth group while others of you who did photography or short sermon, probably don't have the same weekly venue. That's Ok. There are plenty of ways you can use the art God has given you to keep the ministry going.

Here are some practical ways to continue using the art God has given you.

Short Sermon

Ask your youth pastor to allow you to speak. You may think that could never happen but it never hurts to ask. Plus, I think you would make him/her feel really good, knowing that he/she is enabling the next generation of ministers.

Also, find other youth groups in your area that do not currently have a youth pastor and ask to speak to their group. Have your youth pastor help you call or write a letter of recommendation. It's a great way to deploy your gifts, get more experience, and be a blessing to others.

Drama/Human Video

Who doesn't love human videos? Some churches incorporate dramas and human videos frequently into the worship experience and if that is the case for your church then get involved.

If that is not the case, ask your youth pastor or even your senior pastor if there is a topic coming up that could use a drama or human video. You could start a drama/human video team in your youth group and continue growing your repertoire so you could be ready for any event. 

Also, consider taking your drama/human video ministry to a public venue... like the mall at Christmas.

Photography/Visual Arts/Web Design/Film/Graphic Design

This is a simple way you can use your gifts each week - help your youth's media needs. You can help in everything for weekly video updates (connect here with your drama group), take photos for your worship slide backgrounds, design your own video loops, help run the youth MySpace and youth Web site keeping it current with pictures and graphics. This is one of those areas that everyone enjoys to look at but often people do not realize the time it takes to accomplish these amazing designs and shots.


Whether you sing the song or you write it for someone else, don't stop writing. If you write worship songs, share them with your worship leader.

Worship Teams

Ask your youth pastor to help you organize a Worship Night. Invite other youth groups from the area to join.

Record a live worship CD for your youth group or church (don't forget about copyrights - lets keep it legal).  Even better, collaborate with your songwriters for songs and graphic arts people for CD design. Use your youth choir to give that awesome live crowd to the recording.

Play out in the community. There are probably youth groups in your area that don't have a worship team and you could bless them.

Christian Band

This is pretty simple - Get gigs, write songs, Get more gigs, record a CD, get gigs, Sell CD's, get even more gigs. Sounds simple, looks hard. Don't become overwhelmed with all this, but keep the momentum going. Make calls to different youth groups (ask your youth pastor for a letter of recommendation).

Recording a demo CD can greatly help and if you are techie you might want to get your own gear and keep recording and releasing songs every week... well maybe each month.

Keep the band grounded in the word of God so that your shows can not only be fun and rockin', but also ministering.

Lastly, come together as one group. Though there are many parts and many different gifts, together is how you are strongest. Have a Fine Arts Ministry night (except don't call it that). Have a night where you put everything together: Christian band, drama, human video, special songs, graphic arts, short sermon and worship team/choir. This can be done for your church, in the community, a tour, or a mission's trip. 

The time will come when practice for Fine Arts will start up again, but you have a whole year till Orlando9 to use your gift every week. Use every moment you have to not only work on developing your ministry gifts but deploying them in ministry as well.

 rock hard, worship harder

~brad bichsel~



Please feel free to contact me to talk more about worship and worship leading.

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